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June 20, 2022

10 Best Online Courses of 2022

In today’s constantly evolving world, we often find ourselves needing to improve some of our skills for personal or professional reasons. Lifelong learning enhances the chances of employability, but also allows us to be motivated and grow in the workplace. Now that we have the opportunity to learn online, many personal development online courses have become available to allow every interested learner to learn and grow. We have rounded up for you the 10 best online courses to improve your working skills:

Mia’s Ultimate Guide to NFTs

If you’re wondering how and why a rare Golden Ape Doodle NFT was sold for a million dollars, find out with this NFT course! Through this course, you’ll be able to explore the world of NFTs, understand the NFT sector and the Metaverse, and recognize blockchain standards supporting NFT. 

Mia’s Guide to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Have you been hearing a lot about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies, but not enough to know how it works? Here is your chance to explore more about the Crypto Market and Digital Currencies. This course will allow you to understand what cryptocurrencies really are, know the history behind Bitcoin and acknowledge Blockchain development.

Basics of Fashion Design

Is your child or teenager showing some interest in fashion? Learning the basics of fashion design, the different types of fashion, or how to create a mood board can allow your child to unleash their creativity in a new way! You might discover you have the next best fashion designer in your home, or you’d at least get a hallway fashion show, some cool outfits, and maybe a mandatory shopping session…

Morning Yoga Poses for Stiffness

Stiffness in your back? Pain when you wake up in the morning? You’ve come to right place! This course includes content about simple yoga poses that you should practice every morning to feel less stressed and more in tune with your body. The content will be delivered in the form of four 20 minute pre-recorded videos. 

Five Reasons you just can’t lose weight

Have you tried everything to lose weight and nothing seems to work? In this class you will figure out why! The lessons will be a compilation of powerpoints with a voiceover to guide you through them, while delivering hands-on nutrition tips to help you reach your health targets.

Learn Italian From Scratch

Is a trip to Italy trotting on your mind or are you thinking of learning a new language? This fun Italian course is just what you need. With the help of Miriam, a native Italian teacher, you’ll be able to use the correct greetings, introduce yourself, talk about your job, your nationality, your likes and dislikes, and even express your emotions and feelings. 

English Tutoring – All levels

Knowing how to speak English can create many opportunities such as participating in competitions, going on exchange programs, or studying and working abroad. And the earlier you learn, the better! This course will help you improve your English proficiency from a Beginner to an Advanced level and also prepare you for the IELTS exam to get certified!

Math Free Consultation

Math can often be hard and seem stressful and overwhelming. These tutoring sessions are here to help you get more comfortable with math, either for specific notions like IGCSE Math A-level according to different curricula (UAE, Qatar, Lebanon …) or different college levels courses (ODE, Numerical Analysis, Calculus, Linear and abstract algebra, Probability and Statistics), based on your needs. 

IELTS Preparation – Free Consultation

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) measures the language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as a language of communication. If you’re seeking to take the IELTS exam and need some guidance, Garen is here to assist you through tutoring sessions, providing you with help, insights and extra practice material.

دورة الاكسل باللغة العربية من المستوى المبتدأ الى الإحترافي

This Arabic-taught Excel 101 course will take you from a beginner’s to an advanced level in no time and allow you to learn all the Excel skills you might need in the professional world. It covers several levels of Excel such as The Basics, Things We Use Frequentl, A comprehensive explanation of Vlookup, a full explanation of the Pivot table and how to use it in many ways, and many equations that reach the advanced level.

This course will teach you how to communicate information in a modern, enjoyable and easy to understand way, with many shortcuts and practical advice that will shorten the time required to perform daily tasks.