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February 3, 2022

3 ways to use TikTok to promote courses

In the previous post, we covered how to build content using TikTok’s native features to increase visibility on the platform. Here are three ways to create relevant content that can help promote online courses, workshops or other educational offerings.

1. Develop bite-sized lessons

It’s important to create content that adds value to learners, not only to build credibility and show expertise but so they are also encouraged to sign up for courses or workshops on offer. Think of these videos as micro-lessons, under a minute in length, on topics within an area of expertise that help learners quickly grasp important concepts. For example, if the topic is English literature, this can be a series of videos that are quick summaries of timeless novels or lessons about the lives of authors and why they wrote those novels. Creating bite-sized content that adds learning value forces creators to focus on the key points they want to communicate, and the story flow of the video is easy to follow. Users are also more likely to continue watching this content and become loyal followers.

2. Encourage questions from learners in the comment section and ensure it’s a safe space

Some learners hesitate to ask for help in a learning environment for multiple reasons; they might be shy or embarrassed that they don’t know something for example. TikTok can be a great way to reconnect with learners outside a traditional learning environment setting. For example, a physics expert that posts TikTok videos breaking down complex concepts can encourage learners to ask their questions on the platform using the Q&A feature, and then create videos directly responding to a certain question or comment using the sticker feature, or host a Live answering these questions.  

This will ultimately boost engagement as learners can ask questions from an anonymous account or as themselves without all eyes on them like in a physical learning environment, and it will cultivate a healthy dose of curiosity around the subject matter among the community of viewers. The questions can also serve as insights and ideas for future content or course development, and drive people to sign up to learn more.

3. Take part in TikTok Challenges  

Users on TikTok are highly engaged, and they’re happy to know more about their instructors through content that shows a little bit of personality as it can build a more positive connection and allows them to see educators more than just people who give them homework or decide their grades. A great way to do that is taking part in a TikTok challenge; it shows a willingness to speak their language and openness to learning about their world. A TikTok challenge is an action the creator takes in a video, kind of like an assignment but fun and trending. Some TikTok challenges involve dance moves to a music track, acting out a comedy skit using a voice track, using a particular filter to play a game, problem-solving, answering a series of questions and more. Some challenges may also involve ‘duets’- which could be, for example, a reaction to someone else’s video, or completing an action initiated by another video. This type of format allows TikTok creators to engage with each other TikTok videos with both videos showing side-by-side in a piece of content. TikTok challenges usually have a clear format for participation that creators can follow easily.  Each challenge also has a hashtag that should be used in the caption of the video to make sure it gains visibility. 

For instructors, it’s important to choose challenges that are fun but also appropriate so credibility is not lost among learners. Duets are a great way to engage with other instructors to also build a community together and cross-promote subjects and courses.

We all love to learn but the environments in which we do so are changing. With these tips, Instructors can connect with their learners on platforms like TikTok by sharing knowledge in a fun and relevant way, engaging with the learner community and encouraging them to sign up to courses to further engage and learn about subjects on a deeper level.