Courses Spotlight for April 2022

Feeling like learning something new, boosting your skills, or getting some help in tutoring? Take a look at our latest courses and decide which learning journey you’d like to embark on.


Economics Tutoring – 1 FREE CONSULTATION

Interested in knowing more about how to budget, manage you finances and make a profit? You can learn the basics of economics in this economics tutoring course and get all the necessary information on how to handle money. 

Crypto Crash Course – Start Crypto Trading NOW

Do you want to navigate the Crypto Market but are not sure how to start? This course is your first step toward reaching your Crypto Knowledge! Through this course, you will learn how to open a crypto account on any platform, apply your own research, understand and draw support/resistance on a chart, spot opportunities in the market and calculate the probability of trading.

Computer Skills 

  تعلم مبادئ استخدام MS WORD 2019

Knowing how to use MS Word is a great skill to develop and add to your competences. This course is taught in Arabic, and will cover all the basics and fundamentals of MS Word from the very beginning. 

Photoshop Tutoring – 1 FREE CONSULTATION

Whether you’d like to learn how to edit your own photos or are looking to develop your skillset, learning how to use Photoshop can truly be an asset. This tutoring course will be personalized and catered to your needs, and allow you to learn on yout own rhythm. 


3D MAX is a professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, games and images. If you’re interested in the animation field and are interested in knowing more about the use of 3DS Max, then this tutoring course is for you!


Python is one of the biggest programming languages out there it is used in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Backend, and Automation. Whether you’re new to programming or an experienced developer, this beginners’ course makes it easy to learn and use Python and its different functionalities.

Kids and Teens 

Ramadan for kids رمضانيات للأطفال

This holy month is the best occasion for kids to learn and understand what Ramadan is all about. This course teaches kids the origin and importance of Ramadan and the Quran through interactive activities and stories. 

Coding for Kids- 8 Live sessions

Coding for kids and teens courses are growing in popularity, and for good reasons: coding encourages critical and logical thinking and creativity. Kids who know how to code can develop apps, games, animations, websites, and anything they can imagine or get inspired about. Since coding is considered the latest and most trendy language, it might be useful – and fun – for your kids to learn it as early as possible.


Need a little boost and guidance for your Physics IGCSE? This tutoring course includes an explanation of the IGCSE Physics syllabus, helps you with your assignments, and prepares you for IGCSE exams for Grades 9 to 12.