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June 1, 2022

Courses Spotlight for June 2022

Feeling like learning something new, boosting your skills, or getting some help in tutoring? Take a look at our latest courses and decide which learning journey you’d like to embark on.

CV Writing Training and Cover/Motivational Letter Writing Course

A CV gives you a chance to show a prospective employer who you are and the best of what you’ve got. It sells your skills and experience and shows them you’re the right person for the job. 

A cover or motivational letter usually accompanies a CV. Its main purpose is to persuade an HR specialist that you are the most suitable candidate for a given position.

Making a good impression is essential in today’s competitive job market. This training offers you the opportunity to either learn how to create your own CV or cover letter from scratch with the help of professionals or to get your documents done by them directly.

ITALIAN from zero to basics 

Is a trip to Italy trotting on your mind or are you thinking of learning a new language? This fun Italian course is just what you need. With the help of Miriam, a native Italian teacher, you’ll be able to use the correct greetings, introduce yourself, talk about your job, your nationality, your likes and dislikes, and even express your emotions and feelings. 

Stress Management Training

Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the demands of life. A small amount of stress can be good, motivating you to perform well. But some challenges and circumstances can sometimes make this stress feel overwhelming and push you beyond your ability to cope. This training with psychologist and psychotherapist Aziz Kfoury will help you discover effective stress management techniques that suit your own lifestyle and try to help you get over this barrier. 

Time Management Training

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the multiple tasks of life and sometimes find yourself procrastinating? This training will help you deal with procrastination, distractions, and prioritizing to manage your time as effectively as possible.

Goal Setting and Achieving Training

Setting goals to work towards can help you create the road map to success. It will help trigger new behaviors, guide your focus, and promote a sense of self-mastery. In five sessions, you will learn the difference between a growing or a fixed mindset and hard or smart work, and have answers on how to set goals and deal with barriers. 

Literature – Learn from the best 

If you would like to learn about some of the classics, modern and antique authors, and to find out how the pros do it, then this course is for you. Not only will you get caught up on required readings, but you will also get to explore the mind of the greatest authors of all time. Learn all about their styles and the decisions that have set their writings apart and truly made them timeless. Does this course guarantee you the ability to publish a best-selling piece? Well, not really. It does however promise you that you’ll sound super smart when discussing classical and modern masterpieces!

Creative Writing

Creative writing, a form of artistic expression, draws on the imagination to convey meaning through the use of imagery, narrative, and drama. This is in contrast to analytic or pragmatic forms of writing. This genre includes poetry, fiction (novels, short stories), scripts, screenplays, and creative non-fiction. Creative writing is known to help boost creativity, empathy, and critical thinking, and lead to better thought clarification and a broader vocabulary. This course will help you perfect your creative writing skills whether for personal or professional use. 

Your full guide into the programming world – دليلك الشامل لدخول عالم البرمجة

There is no doubt that the feeling of progamming is flourishing more and more and will maintain a growing importance in the near future. So if you know nothing about programming and are wondering how and where to start, what to learn and how to generate income from it, this beginner course taught in arabic will answer all your questions and serve as a guide on your path to becoming a qualified programmer.