Announcing oktopi's tutoring services


oktopi acquired the leading UK-based tutoring company Tutor House, and will be offering first-rate tutoring services at tutorhouse.co.uk. Find out more to book tutoring sessions.

September 23, 2022

The oktopi family is expanding, and so are its amazing features!

Oktopi is now offering 1 on 1 tutoring services. 

Along the last few weeks, oktopi’s blooming community excitedly welcomed the leading UK-based tutoring platform, Tutor House. Through this acquisition, over 20,000 tutors joined our ever-growing family, and were introduced to oktopi’s cutting-edge workspace for education. The numerous tools and intelligent technologies now at their disposal will allow the whole community to work smarter, with added comfort and ease, whilst enhancing the learning experiences of the students. 

Together, the joined forces can now provide you with an even wider diversity of courses, and with highly qualified and digitally equipped tutors from all horizons, ready to connect with you and meet your most specific needs. 

Tutor House, founded in 2012, offers private tutoring, primarily online, connecting students with one-to-one tutors at affordable rates. Their ethos is centered around a personalized approach to education, one that enables students to learn in a way that consistently promotes their academic development and personal growth.

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