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May 18, 2022

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Education is evolving more than ever currently thanks to the changes that were driven by the pandemic in 2020. And since artificial intelligence has been integrating itself in many diverse fields, it has gained a significant role in education as well.

The role of artificial intelligence in education is remarkable just like it is in the field of healthcare, entertainment, retail, manufacturing, banking, and many other fields. But before we get into the workings of artificial intelligence and learning, let us take a quick look at artificial intelligence itself.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is a wide branch of computer science that is utilized in developing softwares that carry out tasks associated with human intelligence. There are four types of artificial intelligence, which are:

●  Reactive Machines.

●  Limited Memory.

●  Theory of Mind.

●  Self-Awareness.

All of which are used differently to achieve tasks of varying levels of complexity.

To make AI clearer, here are some examples of where it is used:

●  Digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa.

●  Email spam filters

●  Netflix recommendations.

●  Self-driving cars.

●  Robots.

●  Proactive healthcare management.

But what about artificial intelligence in education? Read below to discover more.

The Role of AI in Education

The following points showcase what kind of role AI plays in education and learning, and how students and teachers benefit from it:

  1. AI Powered Tools, Apps, and Learning Platforms

Artificial intelligence is the basis of many educational tools, apps, and learning platforms. It is also used with many programs that are not exactly educational, but are still used heavily in education.

Let us explore some examples to clarify.

A learning app that you might be familiar with is the language learning app Duolingo, which utilizes AI in order to function properly, and make the learning process personalized (more on that later).

Zoom, for one, is not exactly a platform specific only to education per se, but it is widely used in education for online classes. As for tools powered by AI, you might be familiar with Grammarly that checks the grammar and spelling of your essays.

However, there are many other platforms that provide all ambitious learners with online classes and courses of varying categories such as Oktopi, that uses AI to make it an easy-to-use and effective platform for both teachers and students.

  1. Administrative Tasks Made Easy

Teachers struggle with a big workload that partly comprises administrative tasks such as correcting papers and other means of evaluating students, managing resources, setting objectives, and so on.

And even though these tasks may not be necessarily difficult, they get tedious to carry out regularly, accurately and timely, especially if teachers have a big number of students or teach multiple classes or subjects.

So, here comes the role of AI. 

If you are a tutor or a teacher wanting to focus more on teaching itself rather than administrative tasks, you will find Oktopi significantly useful thanks to the features it provides you with in order to keep administration responsibilities managed easily and efficiently.

Some of these features are:

●  Creating Objectives: Oktopi’s “Add Objective” feature enables you to add objectives that you would like your students to achieve through your lessons and resources that you offer them on Oktopi.

Once connected to Resources and Classes, these objectives will help you follow up on your students’ progression. They are also organized into the Objective Library so they are easily accessed and clearly displayed.

●  Managing Learners: Evaluating students is made easier with Oktopi. You can easily track the progress of your students, communicate with them directly and leave them Teacher comments, where other teachers can leave comments to the same student as well.

Leaving feedback to students cannot get easier with Oktopi, it allows you to evaluate your students regularly and keep track of their learning process.

●  Creating Resources: Teachers and tutors constantly face the trouble of creating worksheets, providing resources and PDFs, sharing videos and so on. Without utilizing artificial intelligence in learning – as well as Oktopi – creating and sharing resources can surely become impractical and time consuming.

However, with Oktopi you can create resources and share them on the platform with your students, so they have rich material to refer to, complete and review as you can directly create them from your class.

When doing so, you get to determine whether this new resource is an exam, quiz or homework. You can also add instructions, links, attachments, assessment tools and objectives!

  1. Personalized Learning

Artificial intelligence and learning go hand in hand very notably when it comes to personalizing learning. Many issues about education and learning that students often face come from the lack of personalization elements in their learning process.

But if they were to be interested in learning specific topics, or if an avid learner is eager to know more about a certain topic for career purposes or personal ones, they can find what they are looking for on Oktopi.

Just like the personalized language learning app Duolingo is designed in a way that tracks your progress and personalizes it according to your level, Oktopi classes belong to many categories that allow you to choose classes you are truly interested in, making your learning journey completely personalized.

Some of these categories are:

●  Languages.

●  Financial and economics literacy.

●  Social sciences.

●  Physical education.

●  Art and music.

●  Self development and mental health.


The role of artificial intelligence in education has grown increasingly with time, and it has gifted tutors, teachers, students and learners from all over the world with many features that are incorporated in many learning platforms for everyone’s benefit, one of them being Oktopi for online classes and learning.