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June 7, 2022

Top 3 online courses to improve your working skills

In today’s constantly evolving world, we often find ourselves needing to improve some of our skills for personal or professional reasons. Lifelong learning enhances the chances of employability, but also allows us to be motivated and grow in the workplace. Now that we have the opportunity to learn online, many personal development online courses have become available to allow every interested learner to learn and grow. We have rounded up for you the best online courses to improve your working skills:

Computer Skills Courses

Learn Microsoft Word Online  

Knowing how to use MS Word is a great skill to develop and add to your competencies. This online course is taught in Arabic, and will cover all the basics and fundamentals of MS Word from the very beginning.

Excel Online Course

This Arabic-taught Excel 101 online course will take you from a beginner’s to an advanced level in no time and allow you to learn all the Excel skills you might need in the professional world.

Management Courses

Time Management Training

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the multiple tasks of life and sometimes find yourself procrastinating? This training will help you deal with procrastination, distractions, and prioritizing to manage your time as effectively as possible.

Practical Secrets to Productive Meetings – Certification Included

How can you decide if a meeting is necessary or not? What are some of the challenges one can face during a meeting and how do we overcome them? This training takes you through a practical application to discover the secrets of conducting productive meetings.

Discover Coaching not Managing

If you’re a middle to senior manager wondering how to motivate your subordinates and evaluate their performance, this training aims to equip managers/directors with coaching skills that will enhance their supervisory role to their subordinates and improve their work relationships towards more efficiency and productivity.

Language Courses

English Language Course 

Knowing how to speak English is an important asset to have in the work field, as it allows you to communicate with international clients or even work abroad. It is often a necessary skill to have when applying to jobs. This online course will help you improve your English proficiency from a Beginner to an Advanced level to add the English language to the set of skills you have. 

Arabic Language Learning

Learning Arabic can also be a really good added skill, especially if it’s in demand in your current or preferred field. You can find many online courses for Arabic learning for beginners, or even a more Intermediate or Advanced level.

You can also find many other language courses such as Italian, Spanish, and French online courses on the learn space of our website that can also provide some added value to your resume and make it stand out from the rest. You can also find many personal development online courses on our marketplace depending on the skills and field you’d like to improve in!