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1. Who is oktopi for?

oktopi is built for committed educators who want to plan, organize and save their content in one space, benefit from collaborative features, advanced analytics, and easy online payment options so they can focus on making a better impact in their students’ lives.


2. How will I know how to use it?

Navigate easily through our platform at your own pace. Our friendly video tutorials and written articles within the platform will guide you so you can benefit from our features. You can also register for one of our demos to get direct insight into oktopi.ai from our dedicated team members or chat with us directly through our chat button within the platform.


3. How can I invite students to my course?

Inviting students to your course is a click away! You can choose to publish your course to our Explore Courses page where it can be viewed by students browsing for new courses to take or invite your own students by clicking the invite button within your course and sharing the link with your students via email or posting on your social media channels.


4. Can I keep my course private?

Yes, you can keep your course private by not publishing it to the Explore Courses page,  and sharing the invite with only your students instead.


5. Can I invite other instructors to my school?

In the Instructor icon on the left menu, you can invite other instructors by simply sharing the link directly or through emails. They will receive an invitation to join your oktopi school. You can then set different privileges to the Instructors if you are the admin. It’s that easy!


6. Can I use oktopi on any device?

For the best experience, we recommend accessing the platform via the web on a desktop, laptop or tablet. We’re currently working on a mobile version, but if you need to access the platform on mobile web we suggest using it in landscape mode for a better experience for the time being.


7. Why do I need to link learning objectives to sessions and materials?

While this step is optional, connecting your sessions and material to objectives allows you to gain access to advanced analytics to track student progression and personalize the learning experience. You’ll also show students what they’ll be learning when they take your course and complete the material. Use our preset standards to connect your material to official curricula.


8. Are courses pre-recorded or live?

One of the best things about oktopi is that you can curate and combine any type of resources for your students, including both pre-recorded and live sessions! We’ve integrated zoom, and when you upgrade your free account you’ll be able to conduct live sessions with your students directly within the oktopi platform. But oktopi allows you to do more than that! You can plan your lessons and learning materials in advance or on the go, just like in an in-person environment.


9. What can I do other than create a course?

The core benefit of our platform is not just creating another online course. We help educators get organized. Oktopi is a flexible workspace that allows you to go from planning your course, curating content, preparing sessions, to communicating with your peers and students, getting paid, and real-time adapting to your students’ learning journeys using analytics features.


10. How many steps does it take to create a course?

The process involves 5 easy steps, including inviting your students onboard! You’re actually creating an entire journey and not just a course. You can customize your students’ journey by adding or removing steps, based on how you want your courses to be!


11. Can I find teaching content on oktopi?

The short answer is no. We provide the platform to help you organize, plan, create, communicate, etc., and you bring the content you want your students to explore while learning.


12. How much should I charge for a course?

The price you set for your course is totally up to you. You need to consider where you are based, what you teach, the size of the cohort, the time you plan to spend to prepare material for your course, curate content, interact with students, and so on. You can also ask our community for advice.


13. How can I add my course to Explore Courses?

You can add your course to our Explore Courses page by simply clicking “Publish to Explore Courses” on the Course Detail page. By doing so, your course will be public and discoverable to potential students. You can easily remove your course by clicking “Remove from Explore Courses” on the Course Detail page so only students you invite will have access to it.


14. How can I find my course on Explore Courses?

Easily browse through the Explore Courses page by clicking the oktopi icon in the left-hand bar within the platform and search for your own course to view it the way students would.


15. Can I enroll in a course if I’m an instructor?

Absolutely! We embrace life-long learners. Simply create a student account and enroll in a course of your liking from our Explore Courses page, or by using an invite link you receive from the course instructor.


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