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Access Analytics

Part of personalized learning is acquiring data and tracking progression of your students’ learning progression.

With oktopi.ai’s analytics feature you will be able to observe the material students are interacting with, and how far along they are progressing with it.

– Click on the student name on your class page.

– Read their progression according to each lesson material.The percentages show the completion of the student according to the material given.

– Score the lesson material based on their performance. The green check marks that the student has indicated they have completed the necessary requirements.

– For more analytics, click the statistics icon on the left side of the vertical column.

– The green shows the progression speed, the faster you progress, the more the green bar increases.

– You can filter by term, month or year.

– Click on the class name to see the progression per student per objective.

– Click click on the students name you can see their progression per objective selected.

– Filter by objectives, and see the progression per objective.

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