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Create a Scheduled Course

Create a scheduled class to interact with your students using live sessions, and connect lessons and materials to dates.

After you have added the class description.

– Click the pen icon above class name to edit at any time while your class is in the draft section.

– Assign a teacher if you are multiple teachers in the school and would like someone else to teach the class.

– Click Schedule to add a duration for your class to determine how long you will be teaching the students for:

– After scheduling the class you will be able to add activities that include live or in person sessions:

– Click Schedule Live to add a live session using oktopi.ai’s zoom integration. This will allow you to zoom with your students using a pro account directly on oktopi.ai. Additionally, the zoom sessions will be linked to you and the students’ calendar.

Fill in the necessary information for the live session.

You can choose a specific student to schedule this live session for or to engage the whole class.

Add a description and add objectives to show your students what will be covered in this live session.

Adding objectives will allow the data to be analysed and can help you track student progression. This is not a mandatory step, however it will improve the quality and rating of your class.

Use the + sign to link an objective to the live zoom. Or add a new objective on spot.

Click Schedule when you are done filling the details for your zoom session.

To view the live session.

Click events and choose live zoom.

To schedule an in person session:

Fill in the necessary information:

Press schedule when you are done. To view the in person scheduled meeting. Click on Events and select Inperson meeting.

To add a resource. Press add activity. Create a new resource or use one you have already created from your resource library.

To add a resource from the library. Click Add From Library.

Click on the + icon to link the material to your class.

To add a new resource. Click Create new.

Fill in the necessary information.

Click Create Resource when you are done. You are able to add objectives to your resource to track your students’ progression and gain access to analytics. This is optional.

After you have created the resource. It will be displayed that this resource is unscheduled. To schedule it and add a date and time for students to view this content, click Unscheduled.

Fill in the necessary information to schedule the resource. You also have an option to make this material visible only when the date and time selected starts.

If you would like, click “Add to Student Library” for students to access this material at any point in time without an affiliated date and time.

Click Schedule when done.

The resources will be organized according to date.


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