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Register on oktopi.ai

Thank you for your interest in oktopi.ai

oktopi.ai is an education platform where students can join classes with teachers who truly care for their students’ learning journeys. Benefit from personalized and tailored lessons, seamless communication, and track your own progress on oktopi.ai

Discover our wide range of classes and join the ones that interest you!

Follow these steps to register:

Step 1- Click sign up for free on our website oktopi.ai

Step 2- Select student for the account type. Then choose the method of sign up.

Step 3- If you chose to register using your email, then enter your email, click the arrow next to it and then wait to receive the verification code by mail and copy that verification code into the page.

For example:

If you have chosen facebook or gmail to register, simply sign in as if you are signing to those accounts and you will be directly taken to the account details section!

Step 4- Enter account details. Please make sure the password you choose has an Uppercase letter, lower case and a number.

Enjoy your learning journey on oktopi.ai!!


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