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Access Your Classes

Students can be enrolled in open and/or scheduled classes.

The difference being that open classes are self paced, and scheduled classes have a duration with lessons connected to dates, and can include live sessions.

By visiting the class library, students can view all their classes, resources, teacher and classmates in one place!


Under active are all the classes that are currently running and you are able to communicate with your teacher and classmates.

Under completed, you will find the classes that have an ended duration.


Activities are divided into Resources, Events and Student Library.

Resources- The resources assigned.

Events- Live or In person scheduled events

Student Library- Resources that can be accessed at any time.

My Class

Click on the chat box to communicate with your teacher or classmates.

Check the emoji next to your classmates to view how they are feeling!

Emoji button – Allows students to communicate how they are feeling to their teachers.

Click on the big emoji to select a mood!


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