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Organize your school
and the life of your teachers.

The smart online education platform that makes technology work for you.

Educators workflow on oktopi

Organized teachers’ workflow

Optimize online class-time with planned lessons, managed classes, and direct communication with students and parents.

Educators Analytics on oktopi

AI-Powered analytics

Follow up on the progression and engagement of your students and teachers with our smart insights.

Educators files on oktopi

Simple management tools

Simplify your administrative tasks. You can now easily manage your staff, students, and payments in a coherent way.

Educators Curriculum on oktopi

Seamless curricula integration

Embed your standard curricula and program in just a few clicks by allowing your teachers to link their lessons to learning objectives.

Educators Online payment on oktopi

Online payment

Guarantee a safe online payment 
method for tuition fees.

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Provide your teachers with better online tools, so your students are
well-educated and parents are satisfied. Contribute to the health of
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