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Create a Course- All Types

Create a class using oktopi.ai to deliver content to your students in a unique and personalized way.

Use any of the create class buttons to do so, and view your class library where you can create a new class or refer back to your old classes or any active ones.

A class, can be open or scheduled.

Open: The material is not connected to a date. A student can join the class at any time, and access the material on their own pace.

Scheduled: The material is connected to a date. Select the duration of the class, and add lessons on different days to be viewed and completed by your students. Some material can be revealed on the start day. You can also include live sessions in this class.

In your class library:

You can view classes that are in your draft section and continue working on the content. Or classes that are active meaning they have already started or have a student.

In your library, create a new class, edit your old one, or click on explore classes to view other classes by other teachers.

If you decide to create a class:

Fill the class information:

– Add a class thumbnail from the options available, or add your own picture to make the class more personalized.

– Write a class name

– Add a student limit or tick the box for unlimited students

– Choose a payment method of TAP or STRIPE.

– Determine a class price and the currency or tick the box for a free class.

– Add a class description and add an image, link or any attachment for your students.

– Click on the eye icon on the bottom left to view the class description as one of your students.

– Click Create Class when finished. You can always go back and edit your class details until your class is active (meaning it has started according to the date, or a student has already joined your class).

For example:

You can delete or copy a class in the library.


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