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oktopi was built by educators and technologists with you in mind. So whether you're an independent teacher, a tutor, trainer, or coach, our platform is designed to be easy to use without compromising on features.

Learning journeys start with you. That's why oktopi was built with simplicity and flexibility in mind,
so you can focus more on making an impact, and less on the admin stuff.

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Plan, organize, and save your content

Place all your course content and supporting material in the content library, and share easily with learners or use across multiple courses!

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Create blended learning journeys

oktopi gives you the flexibility to create online-only, in-person, or blended courses based on how you want to deliver them to your learners.

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Personalize learning

Understand how your learners are doing with advanced analytics, and use insights to make an even bigger impact on their learning journeys.

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Get paid online

We've integrated with several payment providers to enable you to get paid easily. Say goodbye to awkward follow-ups and chasing payments!

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Scale your offering globally

Maximize your potential by putting your course on our marketplace and gaining access to prospective learners beyond your local area!

Experience a new way of educating

When you sign up, not only will you have the flexibility to design and offer your course however you want, you will also have the support of a diverse community of peers that are just as passionate as you are! You'll be able to connect, support, and collaborate with fellow instructors on courses or other opportunities!


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