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We bring educators and learners together to create personalized learning experiences in a collaborative space.

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Why oktopi

Our end-to-end platform enables educators to build courses, invite learners, and get paid online, all in one place. We bring the tech, you bring your expertise.

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Designed for both educators and learners

Our cohort-based learning management platform is easy to use, empowering educators to focus on impacting their learners' lives.


Powered by AI

We’ve designed a flexible experience that adapts to each educator's instruction style and people's learning journeys. Advanced analytics provide valuable insights to help users educate and learn better.


Free access

We believe education tools should be affordable and accessible to learning communities around the world. That’s why our essential features will always be free.

Powering next-gen educators

Our end-to-end learning management platform is designed to give you the features and flexibility you need without all the admin work, so you can focus on using your expertise to make an impact on people.
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Tutors, Trainers and Coaches

  1. Plan, organize, and save your content
  2. Create blended learning journeys
  3. Personalize learning with advanced analytics
  4. Get paid online
  5. Scale your offering globally
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  1. Onboard instructors and learners easily
  2. Design blended learning environments
  3. Track learner progress with advanced analytics
  4. Receive tuition payments online
  5. Involve guardians in the learning journey
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  1. Conduct blended training for employees
  2. Manage all content on one platform
  3. Onboard staff and partners quickly
  4. Collaborate with multiple entities
  5. Scale training across offices globally
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Cynthia- Economics & sociology K-12 teacher
oktopi.ai allowed me to expand my tutoring skills, reach out to my students, and communicate with them, all while getting paid online.
Anas's testimonial
Entrepreneur, ecommerce expert, and content creator
I substituted Udemy with oktopi because they let me keep all of my revenue”. oktopi is now the only link in my bio where I had over 1500 clicks on my oktopi course. I love meeting, managing, communicating with, and growing my learners on oktopi

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