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Announcing oktopi's tutoring services


oktopi acquired the leading UK-based tutoring company Tutor House, and will be offering first-rate tutoring services at Find out more to book tutoring sessions.


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Build, Manage and Grow your teaching & training programs, follow your students' progression and engagement and make a real impact with oktopi Workspace for Education


Democratizing Learning.

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Enroll in a whole new world of learning experiences on oktopi Learnspace with passionate and dedicated instructors and centralize all your courses in one place.


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Your Digital Transformation

and Growth with oktopi


Whenever or wherever your journey is, oktopi gives you the flexibility to use its workspace the way you want or need.


oktopi reduces the time and efforts of many platforms with an end-to-end solution for educators and learners where all the features are smartly connected to help you take the best decisions.


With our payment solutions and our learnspace, access wider communities of educators and learners so you grow together. And you get to keep 100% of your revenues!

How  oktopi  works

Onboarding Instructors & Learners easily

Create your institution, invite your instructors to upload course content, and launch your courses by sharing unique links with your students. It's that easy.

Plan, organize, and save your content

Place all your course content and supporting material in the content library, and share easily with learners or use across multiple courses!

Create blended learning journeys

oktopi gives you the flexibility to create online-only, in-person, or blended courses based on how you want to deliver them to your learners.

Personalize learning

Understand how your learners are doing with advanced analytics, and use insights to make an even bigger impact on their learning journeys.

Get paid online

We've integrated with several payment providers to enable you to get paid easily. Say goodbye to awkward follow-ups and chasing payments!

Scale your offering globally

Maximize your potential by putting your course on our marketplace and gaining access to prospective learners beyond your local area!

FREE Access

We believe education tools should be affordable and accessible to learning communities around the world. That’s why our essential features will always be free. If you insist to pay, you can start with our basic plan for less than a coffee a day! Check our prices here.


# Awesome Instructors

"Joining Oktopi has been a unique and rewarding experience for me and my team. The accessibility, flexibility and support it offers has made it a very smooth and enriching process!"

Noor Maroun

Founder and Teacher, Studylab

# Awesome Guys

"oktopi is very easy to use and navigate through. It is very quick to get familiar with all the features. I like the onboarding experience where my learners and my team always receive emails and notifications after the signup, after creating a class, after publishing my course online, and more."

Dr. Mohamad Khalf

Civil Engineer and Math Instructor, Edupreneur

# Awesome Guys

“I substituted Udemy with Oktopi because they let me keep all of my revenue. Oktopi is now the only link in my bio where I’ve had over 1500 clicks on my Oktopi course. I love meeting, managing, communicating with, and growing my learners on Oktopi”

Anas Shattara

Microsoft Excel Expert, Edupreneur

# Awesome Guys

“I joined Oktopi to grow my online business using a strategic technology partner. We love the innovative UI, the flexibility in payments, the embedded Zoom live sessions, and the social features such as stories. The bonus? We have more time to prepare our teachers, students, lectures, and plans.”

Wael Essa

Teacher and Insitution Head, Alyanboa Online

# Awesome Guys

“Following up with the learners is extremely easy and trackable - less efforts for me and my team to see data/results (Analytics, attendees list, notifications, and much more)”

Mohamad Magdy

Chemistry Teacher & Founder, Center Dream

# Awesome Guys

“It is a pleasant experience for my students to use oktopi where they get their own personal space when they enroll on their own personal page, they get personalized resources, and access to anything they need, and this gives us a chance to really connect and collaborate together”

Islam El Saidi

Math, Studio, and Institution Head, Knowledge Online Academy

oktopi Learnspace

At oktopi, we offer more than just courses! Enroll in a whole new world of learning experiences with passionate and dedicated instructors, a community of learners from all over the world that you can reach within the click of a button, and tutoring services. Keep track of your progress and centralize all your learning experiences in the oktopi Workspace for Education.

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