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oktopi acquired the leading UK-based tutoring company Tutor House, and will be offering first-rate tutoring services at tutorhouse.co.uk. Find out more to book tutoring sessions.

October 22, 2021

Cynthia’s tutoring journey on oktopi

Cynthia is an economics and sociology K-12 teacher and has been teaching and tutoring for more than 13 years. Right after attending an oktopi demo, she created her account, and within a day she had created a course, added course materials, and set learning objectives.

“oktopi.ai allowed me to expand my tutoring skills, reach out to my students, and communicate with them, all while getting paid online.”

“oktopi.ai made my life easier,” says Cynthia about her experience on our platform. “It enabled me to share my expertise and communicate with my learners in a fast and efficient way.”  

Cynthia’s course has also found a new audience on oktopi, appealing to life-long learners who want to learn the basics of economics.

Check out Cynthia’s course here.