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October 22, 2021

Tala’s reignited passion for teaching

Tala has been a K-12 teacher for 13 years. After being introduced to oktopi, she created a class using the platform and invited her students to join.

“I found oktopi.ai to be a platform tailored to my needs. It gives me the flexibility to use each tool the way I want to create my class the way I prefer”

Thanks to oktopi’s advanced analytics, she was able to get insight into her students’ activities and track their progress. “I was able to assess my students’ performance and adapt my lessons to their needs and their pace”, says Tala. If a student was grasping concepts quickly or was struggling, Tala was able to contact them on the platform and help them reach their learning goals the way that benefits them the most.

Empowered by learning insights and a flexible platform, Tala has renewed excitement about teaching and accompanying her students through their learning journeys.